Ian Gaines


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Denton, TX

In a few short years, Ian Gaines has emerged as the rider to watch. He joined the #1 stunt riding team in the United States, has appeared in magazines and music videos, and continues to earn sponsorships from many of the best brands in the motorcycle business.

       Ian brings a passion and energy to riding that is unparalleled. He rides with speed and aggression not only because of his enthusiasm to ride and perform, but also because of his athleticism. Unlike many riders, Ian grew up on the football field, not the dirt track. He played college football in the Southeastern Conference (Vanderbilt), professional football (Dallas), and coached in the Ivy League (Dartmouth). However, mastery of one sport was simply not enough. Ian was driven to use his fitness, agility, and strength on a motorcycle, so sportbike freestyle seemed like the perfect marriage. Today, Ianís athleticism on a motorcycle translates into the best moving headstands, fastest death spins, and most dynamic motorcycle show in the industry.

       Ian travels the globe entertaining and performing sportbike freestyle shows with Jason Britton and Team No Limit. Whether heís performing at Sturgis, the International Motorcycle Show, or a hometown motorcycle dealership, Ian is ready to perform stunts that will make your heart race, hands clap, and jaw drop. In addition to riding, Ian loves interacting with fans, promoting motorcycle safety, and making extreme videos.

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"An energetic and passionate stunt rider. Thrilling stunt performances!"
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